Rock Wool Sandwich Panel


THICKNESS: 50/75/100/150mm.

Rock Wool Sandwich Panel Description:

Rock Wool Sandwich panel advantages:

1. The flame resistance level reaches level A.
2.The two edges of the tongue-and-groove are filled with polyurethane foams, which effectively stop heat conduction and rain leakage prevents reduction of strength and thermal insulation performance caused by moisture absorption and makes fireproof and thermal insulation performance more durable.
3.The high volumetric weight core material guarantees better thermal insulation performance (the volumetric weight of rock wool core material ≥ 120kg/m3, the volumetric weight of glass wool ≥ 64kg/m3).
4.The fireproof wool rotates 90°so that the wool fiber is perpendicular to the panel and the strength of pressure and tension resistance increases by 50%.

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