Clean Room Panel


THICKNESS: 50/75/100/150mm

Clean Room Panel Description:

clean room panel
clean room panel
clean room panel
clean room panel

Clean Room Panel advantages:

1.Core material fire rating can be viewed. 

2.The cleanroom wall panel system is used with aluminum profiles,modular installation, convenient and fast, non-standard can be customized. 

3.Factory accepts customization. 

4.Diversified core material for different environments,fire protection, insulation,noise reduction,moisture resistance. 

5.The factory offers 6 different steel to provide customers with more services. 

6.The cleanroom wall panel,strength,flatness and aesthetics of the clean board are greatly improved,and the product quality is more stable.

7.The hole reinforcement reservation and the line pipeline box are pre-assembled into the interior of the board in the factory, effectively reducing the secondary pollution during use,especially in the operating room.

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