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We manufacture the highest-quality sandwich panels.

Core Product

Insulated Panel

  • Outstanding thermal insulation performance.
  •  The secret nail mounting system offers a stronger structure and a more beautiful appearance
  • Multiple standard thicknesses are available, i.e., 50/75/100/150mm

Cold Storage Panel

  •  High quality PU core offers excellent thermal insulating performance
  •  Class B1 fire rating for the core material, achieving better flame retardancy when combined with the surface panel
  • Multiple standard thicknesses are available, i.e., 50/75/100/150/200/300mm

Clean Room Panel

  • The embedded carrier edge sealing of the quadro-type panel serves to
    improve strength and tightness
  • Multiple surface panels are available, such as color steel, stainless steel and melamine
  • 10+ different core materials to adapt to different applications

Why Our Sandwich Panel ?

Unmatched Selection

With the most extensive product line in the industry,The cutting-edge equipment introduced from OMS, Italy features dual ultra-long tracks of up to 42 meters.

Certified Quality

Luton are certified to ISO 9001 ISO14001 and FM ,CE with a focus on continuous quality improvement

Expert Design & Engineering

Architects, contractors, and end customers benefit from our decades of design and engineering experience.

Proven Experience

In the past 10 years, Luton’s products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions, we have vastexperience in design, transportation and overseas installation

Who We Are

Luton focuses on providing products which meet the high requirements of customers The production lines that have been put into operation, including sandwich panel, curtain wall, cold storage panel, cleanroom panel, all employ state-of-the-art equipment, technologies and production management systems, with product lineup covering: metal façade, metal roof, cleanroom and cold storage systems and more.

Case Studies


Rock wool Insulation panel

  • Application system:  rock wool insulation
  • Application area: 80000 sqm
  • Color: silver gray, silver gray.
  • Thickness: 50mm 


High Thermal Insulation Panel

  • Application system: Rock wool  insulation sandwich panel.
  • Application area: 48000 SQM
  • Color: silver gray, silver gray.
  • Thickness: 50mm


PU/PIR Thermal Insulation Panel

  • Application system:  PU /PIR thermal insulation sandwich panel
  • Application area: 65000 SQM
  • Color: silver gray, silver gray, red.
  • Thickness: 50mm

Color coated steel plate(PPGI) selection and use

Insulation Effect - Compared with different core materials.


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